View information about Acer ePower Management. Remove the HDD bracket. Disconnect the inverter cable then take out the inverter. Page 54 Chapter For real-time battery life estimates based on current usage, referto the panel on the lower left-hand side of the window.

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Function Sleep Puts the computer in Sleep mode.

Page Chapter Remove the wireless LAN card from the socket. Boot This menu allows the user to decide the order of boot devices to load the operating system.

Acer TravelMate 3260 Intel Pro WiFi Wireless Card Mini PCI Adapter Wm3945abg OEM

Anyone who has Acer TravelMate should have consulted a scenario where absolutely nothing occurs after installing the newest os. You can set the wireless options there. Slide the battery latch then remove the battery.

If any problems are found, replace the FRU. Tear off the mylar fastening the LCD cable.

Battery Status For real-time battery life estimates based on current usage, referto the panel on the lower left-hand side of the window. Page Appendix B Page 86 Chapter Once set, you can apply locks to any of the devices.


Tapping on the wireoess is the same as clicking the left button. We provide the newest download links including software packages, instructions, people or firmware.

Acer TravelMate Notebook Turn wireless switch – Questions (with Pictures) – Fixya

Removing the Battery Pack Unlock the battery lock. Normally you would Press and Hold the FN function key When your Acer Travwlmate site loads, Please use tabs to locate among several types of web content.

Disassembly Procedure Flowchart The flowchart on the succeeding page gives you wireldss graphic representation on the entire disassembly sequence and instructs you on the components that need to be removed during servicing. Settings Apply Acer GridVista is a handy utility that offers four pre-defined display settings so you can view multiple windows on the same screen. Page 54 Chapter Acer Esettings Management Acer eSettings Management Acer eSettings Management allows you to inspect hardware specifications and to monitor the system health status.

Page 82 Disconnect the microphone cable from the main board. External display does not work correctly. Optical disk access Lights up when the optical drive is active indicator location depends on model. The hours are displayed with hour format. Page Appendix C Non-Acer products, prototype cards, or modified options can give false errors and invalid system responses.


Acer TravelMate 3260 Service Manual

Wrist grounding strap and conductive mat for preventing electrostatic discharge Small Philips screw driver Philips screwdriver Plastic flat head screw driver Tweezers Get and mount people, pc software purposes, firmware, and instructions and access online technical help methods and troubleshooting. Page 72 Chapter TravelmateTravelmate seriesTravelmate seriesTravelmate series. Non-Acer devices Printer, mouse, and other external devices Battery pack Hard disk drive If the voltage is within the range, do the following: To set the Web browser, mail and programmable buttons, run the Acer Launch Manager.

The Euro symbol Open a text editor or word processor.

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