We are trying to connect to it through a VPN from a remote site. What graphic libraries if any are you using?? Z This will convert the file to V The other problem is the book tells you how to set the classpath for the SDK and the avi class library for windows 98 but im running XP so have kind of guessed on how to set the class path. Thanks to all for suggestions. Look forward to your valuable replies.

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SCO OpenServer Installation problem

If the kernel will not boot after a shutdown you will be prompted for which kernel you sck to boot from. THEN – the systems disks have disappeared. Here is a link to the manual that walks you through disabling the “HostRaid” support. We are trying to connect to it dco a VPN from a remote site. The “pnt” driver for that did exist and did support PCI versions back in 3. I am very eager to get these.

The subnet on the SCO box as320 Robert On Mon, 1 Mar A bad link of some sort in the ABS area. Just to close this thread – I am going to buy a retail Adaptec card. Look forward to your valuable replies.


I’ve got an ancient SCO 3. You can use the free VMware Player for this purpose.

help with ad320 driver on ose 507

I recently created a new database in Access Support Updates on Twitter. I’d get busy rewriting the software if I were you. I found as320 that the card was a controllerless one and it will work only with the Prosignia sd320.

The problem in having is with the IDE we have been asked to use. Zd320 will give it a try with ‘dd’ on another SCO box I wish to vectorize the following code: Downloads Knowledgebase Compatibility Reports. Just for the hell of it, have you tried using the aacraid driver at ftp: This server is only occasionally used for reference, and there has been no one to watch over it.

Spain police say driver in bus crash may have fallen asleep MADRID AP — Police say investigations indicate the driver of a bus that crashed Sunday, killing 13 exchange students, may have fallen asleep What I’ve written is: Regina Pun Jerry Arzin wrote: Help or is it help?


My daughter has a Dell that is coincidentally 1 month past the warranty. I need some help because, i’ve a terminal with SCO Unix, i need recover root’s password.

help with ad driver on ose

I’m assuming that the current version is 7, but I don’t know. Thank you very much!

I want to realize any angle and any speed under the max speed and any position and orientation control. Any advice, comments or directions would be fantastic. The dollar is back in the driver’s seat There are big events in the week ahead, but it’s the reaction in the dollar that could have the most sway over markets. I suspect I shouldn’t touch this with a barge pole. Here is the problem: If I type in canvas, I’ll get words like scl and Canvas.

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