I am assuming you do not have another cable to try?? What models are the other PLC-5’s that you are connecting to successfully. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The first is a recomendation to update binary files has anyone done this? Have you tried to use both Sure sounds like a bad cable..

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The first is a recomendation to update binary files has anyone done this? I don’t think it is a cable problem because it connects with others just fine.

Allen Bradley 1784-PCMK Ser B Communication Card DH+ / RIO / DH485 PCMCIA PLC

Posted 22 Nov Sign in Already qllen an account? Check that there are terminating resistors on both ends of the blue hose running to the DL, I plugged into a PLC 5 that was connected to 4 other processors and 5 displays and it took the whole network down, as soon as I put the resistors on it all ran fine.

A little soldering and is good as it ever was.

I selected the com port and set device to PLC-CH0 and tried to auto configure but it failed baud and parity test. That will free up a little bit of the bandwidth. One thing I noticed is that by assigning linx as bradlet 1 or node 2 etc, the processor seems to be recognized longer than with linx at node 0. I poured through the knowledgebase documentation and there is nothing that addresses the problem directly but there are some things that might jog your memories.


Make sure you have the xp driver for the PCMK card, this is available as a free download from Rockwell. I mis-spoke in my previous post when I said DB-9 serial.

Edited 13 Dec by TechJunki. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I sure wish A-B would have put a little more thought into the choice of connectors they used. I have had this sort of problem before and have solved it in the following ways; If you are running on battery on the laptop ,plug in the mains supply, one of my laptops will only stay online in this way as the battery is well past its best.

PCMK/B – Communication Card – Allen-Bradley – Other – Other

Posted 23 Nov Posted 14 Dec Posted 14 Dec edited. Last tip set your node address to something like 77 and you will probably never have to worry about it again as you don’t normally find node addresses that high. The A will only communicate at I would venture a guess to say that your PLC-5 in which you are having a problem is configured at Posted 13 Dec edited.


Have you tried to use both The processor only has a DB-9 connector on it. I have never seen it happen before but could it cause time outs brzdley the network while communicating with the processor.

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In reference to guys using node 0 for processor, I ran into a PLC this morning that was as such. Not sure if is the same problem I had a couple weeks ago but the cable I was using had a bad connection, thankfully on the DIN end. Posted 7 Dec Register a new account. Tomorrow morning I am going to disconnect thr dataliner and see if it makes a difference, but the machine is in use right now. Are you sure the DB-9 port is serial. What is your physical connection? When I do a who active and RSLinx browses it sees the processor on one pass but does not recognize it the next.

What brand of usb to serial adaptor do you have. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you mean.

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