I have a server km away whose BMC is hung and cannot be restarted even with a hard reboot command from ipmitool. Posted Apr 13, 6: The first is a common layer meta-openbmc that defines all of the packages used in OpenBMC. I’m going to have to power that sucker down by physically unplugging the power cords and hope the BMC comes back, and I can’t do that until I schedule a visit to the data centre. The first is driver stability. He also said that Facebook has started work on a BMC development board that will hopefully serve as a low-cost entry point for interested developers.

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All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. Posted Apr 13, 0: Posted Apr 13, The music fan in me is mildly disappointed, however, that they didn’t call the project “Run-BMC”.

OpenBMC, a distribution for baseboard management controllers

Furthermore, as Matthew Garrett outlined quite memorably at linux. This behaviour is unwelcome — and your forceful response probably means you’ve suffered in learning this knowledge, so I’m sorry to hear your pain but: Usually we think this is a net positive but I’m not always so sure, I’ve seen plenty attempts at HA actually cause more outages than they ever prevented, and one of the goals of IPMI is to increase service uptime by allowing you to reboot servers quickly when the OS fails.

Once the BMC has been compromised, the attacker has direct access to essentially every part of the server.


Then you could run your distribution of preference on your BMC too. Fang then outlined the process of porting OpenBMC to a new board.

Arch Linux ARM • View topic – AST port (BMC)

Libpal is a network-packet assembly library; Facebook uses it to linus a small set of IPMI messages to provide compatibility with other monitoring tools. We can only go by what you wrote, which seemed to be a presumption that RT was needed for “robust response times”, so the response was both to correct this apparent misconception for you and for everyone else reading along. You can keep the ‘good engineering’ if it only has anecdotes about response times — i.

No warranties are made, either express or implied, with regard to the contents of this work, its merchantability llnux fitness for a particular use. AMI’s BIOS and BMC qst2300 are highly integrated, allowing data center administrators to simultaneously, remotely and securely manage a number of server platforms out-of-box.

I would like to second and third the previous comments.

Please consider signing up for a subscription and helping asg2300 keep LWN publishing. Posted Apr 14, Posted Apr 15, The BMC is connected to most of the standard buses on the motherboard, so it can monitor temperature and fan sensors, storage devices and expansion cards, and even access the network through its own virtual network interface that includes a separate MAC address.

Posted Apr 12, Now, if we’re going by what I wrote: The first azt2300 a common layer meta-openbmc that defines all of the packages used in OpenBMC. The session ended with a brief question-and-answer period. He also said that Facebook has started work on a BMC development board that will hopefully serve as a low-cost entry point for interested developers.


He noted that more development tools are being ported to the distribution, along with the Chef provisioning system and additional linix programs. At the top comes a machine-specific layer e.

It was first deployed in with the Wedgea “top-of-rack network switch” design from OCP, although Fang noted that, from a design standpoint, the team looked at the switch as “just another server. While it is intended as a convenience for those who must manage dozens or hundreds of servers in a remote facility, IPMI has been called out for its potential as a serious hole in server security.

Driver Downloads:ASPEED 信驊科技

Fang cited two issues as the lihux of current OpenBMC development. It may only be a start, and only support one BMC vendor, lniux that itself is still noteworthy progress in comparison to the unappealing security and software-freedom issues that plague so many systems via the IPMI framework.

I’d feel a lot safer administering servers via BMC if I knew that the BMC’s software was open and easily updated with security patches. You barely contributed to the discussion. The first is driver stability. Redfish is a new method to manage servers within the datacenter.

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