Jaymis Loveday – May 21, Posted Fri 12 Jun 09 9: My guess is anyone serious will skip over this application for tools like Live and Traktor, of course. Disable other resource-hogging items, such as screensavers or ‘energy saver’ settings on your computer. I used the BCD on a weekly basis at the club running video and knock on wood it hasnt failed me. As shipped the jog wheels are infinite rotaries sending CC19 and CC20, velocity 64 move anticlockwise velocity 65 clockwise. NFO file to your response.

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Cheap, Functional, Quirky: BCD2000 Mix & Scratch MIDI Controller Review, Part I

NFO – substituted with your actual name of course. If anyone comes up with a custom template — especially for Live — do let us know!

The drivers install easily and without excess baggage. Behringee used the BCD on a weekly basis at the club running video and knock on wood it hasnt failed me.

Nobody can DJ at their best if you have to worry about this kind of thing. So, instead of a happy lovefest of simple customisation, the first thing I encountered online as a new BCD owner was this 14 page thread on the Native Ccontroller forum about getting the BCD jog wheels to work correctly with Traktor.


VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – behringer bcd problems

To make things worse the whole console just froze up. It is definitely a functioning digital DJ program and compliments the BCD perfectly — not so surprising considering that it was designed especially for this purpose.

Posted Tue 31 Oct 06 Although on another note Posted Mon 13 Dec 10 4: Anyway, you can also answer him that behringdr you try to use Behringer soft with LAN enabled, for example, you also got problems NFO file so that we can look for additional suggestions specific to your system configuration that may help.

What are you waiting for?

File:Behringer BCD2000.jpg

Posted Wed 01 Nov 06 6: Like This Now Seriously Posted Tue 31 Oct 06 3: Use a file-compression utility such as WinZip www. Posted Tue 31 Oct 06 8: Has anyoe e;se comeacross this oe does anyone know what to do or whats cusing this? My favorite part was don’t use a usb hard drive with the bcd Posted Mon 08 Jun 09 Or like this And of course forget to ever use the volume sliders No pages on the English Wikipedia link to this file.


Retrieved from ” https: Posted Thu 11 Jun 09 9: We can all conteoller along. Connect it directly to a USB port on your controlle. I use one in my TCV setup.

I contacted Behringer technical service and explained all the problems. I do not understand why ppl still use this junk Posted Tue 09 Jun 09 3: This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.

File:Behringer BCDjpg – Wikipedia

The short version is this: Information from its description page there behringe shown below. My BCR is over a year old and has been lugged around the world in suitcases and backpacks to little ill-effect.

Posted Fri 03 Nov 06 The Behringer BCD was announced in Januaryinitially shipped small numbers in August, and then incessantly delayed until finally being delivered worldwide in late April

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