DAC2 DX even comes with op-amp rolling capability, so that should be a lot of fun. Type – Digital to Analogue Converter. Headphone output impedance — 12 to Ohms. Beresford Capella Headphone Amplifier. More often than not, yes. No such thing for me. The Caiman is designed for maximum transparency and critical playback in professional audiophile applications.

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Beresford Caiman MKII DAC | Headphonic

Those op-amps prices are way out there buddy, considering better can be had for less… even free. I nputs — 1 x digital coax. All times are GMT. One thing I noticed when connecting a DAC to the dock is its more neutral sounding with better and tighter bass while Aspire One with Win7 was really bright much more neutral with win XP but still below Onkyo when it comes to neutrality. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. The TC seems to be designed to be a one device solution to a lot of different needs, offering the abundance of connectivity features, as well as a built in headphone amplifier.

Digital transport in each system was furnished by a Logitech Squeezbox, re-clocked by a Firestone Audio Bravo digital processor.

For those seeking a finely balanced, spacious performance with plenty of detail, the M-DAC Mini is diminutive only in size. Those willing to trade the sonic lushness of tube flavourings for bass definition and detail should find there to be very little to criticise in the Beresford Caiman. Ryan of Maverick Audio must surely concede some similarity in the his products feature set when sat next to the Beresford.


Beresford TC-7520 “Caiman” DAC

Reply October 25, Mike. The actual DAC chip is a Wolfson — not quite the highest-spec part from that company — but still very capable, including digital filtering. The current range of high-end consumer DACs chips go up to 32 bit, but only kHz oversampling. Reply March 13, Camote. I have tried the Music Streamer 2 and although sound quality was great, I did not find the additional cost to be worth the very slight increase if any, compared to my intergrated soundcard.

Outputs are generous too, with the obvious fixed-level line output joined by a variable output controlled by a traditional volume control behind the front-panel knob and a headphone output. This makes the Caiman SEG less prone to anti aliasing filter residues and noise, and produces a far cleaner and detailed treble response. Due to the highly efficient design and low energy requirement placed on the power supply, the Caiman SEG is capable of operating from a 12Volt battery source.

The time now is Reply February 1, Svertel.

Beresford Caiman SEG USB-DAC/COAX/TOSLINK & Digital Preamp

Reply September 4, Professor Consigliato da Playstereo e mi sono trovato molto bene. The OpAmps seem a bit high, but on the other hand that includes them installing all of the upgrades with warranty included.


Type – Digital to Analogue Converter. There has been much debate as to how much damage is done to the audio signal by calman various digital and analogue filtering networks that are found in a DAC design, and whether filters contribute to grainy high frequencies.

Inputs — 1 x power supply optional. Interesting that I also have both the Aspire one and Onkyo dock you used for this test, Mike.

Yep Adam mine just gets better. Good to hear youve struck lucky again. Housing — Full metal body. Mike, how would you describe the quality of the Bresford built in headphone amp? If our listeners are to be believed, it seems to be better with music that has a relatively straightforward texture.

Moving to older poorer quality recordings showed hints of sibilance, but this was few and far between. It was never harsh or fatiguing. Readers should note that this is the most minor of quibbles. Now he lives in Berlin.

Very nice and objective review if you could ever say ‘objective’ about some review.

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