Apple HomePod smart speaker. Marking the floor or the surface the speaker is sitting on with painter’s tape makes this task much easier. Then gradually “toe in” each speaker equally so that they come closer to facing you. We’re committed to keeping your equipment up and running. Because they mitigate this problem, rooms with, say, sloping ceilings or L-shaped alcoves often make better listening spaces.

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Making a Perfect Placement Once you pick a room, the next decision is where to place your speakers.

When the spacing is correct, you get an even spread of sound. Axon RapidLock Mounts Keep your shot steady with versatile mounts. Sparsely furnished rooms with big windows, bare floors, and lots of shiny surfaces—like a kitchen, for example—are usually far from ideal, she says. The iPhone version of the Sonos app has a TruPlay feature that prompts the speaker to play a specific tone that is then captured by your smartphone’s mic.

After analyzing the room, the speaker automatically makes some tonal adjustments to compensate for the room’s acoustics.


These programs are room-dependent, so place your speakers first, and if you move them, run the program again. Apple HomePod smart speaker.

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The app tries to determine your room’s acoustic character, and then makes tone adjustments to compensate. When you need to stay focused, count on Axon Body 2 to record the situation at hand.

Send We respect your privacy. Contact support for any issues with your buletooth suite of devices and software. Recording evidence is just the beginning – capture and stream video with complete integration in our suite of mobile and cloud applications.


bouetooth The placement of windows, doors, and furniture can conspire against perfect sound. The sound reflecting off the close quarters of the shelf will interfere with any ability the speaker has to provide a sense of front-to-back depth.

Make a Donation Newsletters Give a Blurtooth. In other words, adjust the bass and treble to the same neutral setting. Single-unit, on-officer camera featuring unlimited HD video and security enhancements. That’s the way we set up speakers for optimum sound in our dedicated listening room.

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Picking the Right Room The first question is simply “Which room? Some speakers with weak bass may sound better when placed in those areas, while other speakers will do better in a more central location.

Sound bounces off those surfaces, resulting in sound that’s bright and harsh. Here are some steps you can take when you set up your wireless speakers to help them sound their best—and let you hear “Blackbird” the way Paul McCartney intended. A plush room, with lots of overstuffed upholstered furniture and thick rugs or carpets and heavy drapes, goes too much in the other direction, muffling sound.


Choose a few favorite tunes, preferably ones where it’s easy to pick out individual instruments, but most of all music that you like. Optional Mute Disable audio to support dual-party consent.

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Axon Signal reports events, like when you open the car door or activate the light bar, so your camera can start recording. We respect your privacy. In-Field Tagging Mark any important points in your video. We make it easy to buy the right product from a variety of retailers. Sound waves bouncing off the walls can boost bass frequencies at some spots in the room while reducing them in others. Apple’s HomePod smart speaker seems to do something similar, although the process uses the speaker’s internal mic rather than a phone.

If you don’t like the change, you can usually undo the settings, though the HomePod doesn’t give you that option. Visit the Help Center.

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