More than one sheet of paper are fed into the scanner. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. This is applied to double-sided document which are viewed in portrait are sometime fed into the scanner in landscape or vice versa. To ensure your computer can identify the USB scanner, please install scanner driver first before connecting the scanner to your computer. Page 50 The Color Dropout dialog box Plug the small end of the power adaptor into the power jack of your scanner.

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Page 33 Fixed Processing: Page 38 Adjusts the lightness or darkness of an Brightness image. The Color Dropout Tab 4. Edge Check White or Black bulletsacn you wish to add white or Fill black edge on the border of your scanned image. Page 40 Invert Reverses the brightness and the colors in the image. If you are prompted with a Finish dialog, click the Finish button.

There are several different methods bulletsccan performing this conversion. For color images, each pixel will be changed into its complementary color at the command of Invert. The Setting Tab The Setting tab allows you to set the following settings: The Paper Tab The Paper tab allows you to define values relating to image output i.


Click to automatically detect and scan the front or the rear page of your color document in color image mode. Connecting F2200 Computer 2. Before you install and operate the new scanner, please take a few minutes to read through this manual. Warranty The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

Fixed Processing sets Contrast to 0. Selecting Dynamic Threshold allows the scanner to dynamically evaluate each document The following iVina Capture Tool dialog box will be displayed.

Show Scanning Check and the scanning progress bar Progress will be shown during scanning.

BulletScan F200

The value ranges from 0 to The scanner parts may be contaminated with ink, toner particles or paper coatings. Placing paper on the glass Place your document with the text facing down on the glass and align your document to the reference mark, as indicated Reference mark For ordering the pad module, please consult your nearest dealer and follow the procedure in below to replace it. Options Description Automatic Automatic adjusts the cropping window according to bulletsfan document sizes.

As a result, the scanner needs to be cleaned occasionally particularly in the following cases: Please consult the BulletScan Manager Manual for how to use and configure the buttons. This option allows you to assign a specified memory size from the available RAM to process the image data. Image Choose your image type and the side of Selection Box document you wish to scan. Click the Scan button to start scanning the document in two image types and sizes.


The Image Tab The Image tab allows you to choose the type of image, and to set several basic scan settings. If Fixed Processing is selected, Contrast g200 not available. However, it still needs to be cleaned occasionally to ensure optimum image quality and performance.


Choose the profile you want to rename from the dropdown list box and then click the Rename button. Contents on the installation disc: It provides proper instructions for you to unpack, install, operate and maintain the scanner.

See the result in below. This preview image lets you manually select your scan area. Paper becomes jammed during scanning.

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