Oh did I say they claim it is PDA? They can call it something else. I want to buy N70, pls how do I identify the real one. How come China is branding these phones as Nokia? China made phones are flooding the market and if original Nokia is not happy about this they should do something. For the phone gurus, it’s well if you keep telling us the truth. I dont mind getting one o.

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It is a gift from my sister and since she gave it to me, I have not been able to use the keys. See How To Advertise. This not some photoshop work Accepted whenever and whereever you want to buy this phones, they are extremely cheap. Is It For Real? They give their phones the name nokia coz nokia is the best phone producer and their phones are bombs.

It is really boring using only the stylus. We even sent opera to it using usb and it didnt even know what n99u actually is.

Dual SIM card or Triple SIM card adapters for mobile phones CECT

This same phone has a cct and it does not require headphone before it works. Of course you can’t use it outside of China.


I would like to know if this so called N99i supports symbian sofwares. What can he do now to activate gprs? China made phones are flooding the market and if original Nokia is not happy about this they should do something.

To be honest I don’t really mind the brand and all that jazz, what matters is the feature. Saturday, 29 December at But unfortunately it lacks it all.

I was work when MrI did not want to reveal his name ccect some couple of phones to me. Here are the rest of the N99i Note: Beware of these fake phones,some of them are deadly traps i tell you,Nokia has noticed some fake and substandard batteries used in some of its n99ii recently,some of those batteries can actually explode cos it has the tendency of over heating,we just have to be very careful.

Oh did I say they claim it is PDA? I swear, those phones are useless. I am using the fake N I dont mind getting one o.

Trademe Member: KEN CECT N99i – The Phone that Does Everything!

N 30, Don’t buy if u need a phone for a very long or else you will be csct. Just search and ou are good to Go. I just bought one for myself and i hope it last. I know, where the heck did he find N95i when few N95 is still out, well that is because it a chinese product.


Fake Nokia N95i & Nokia N99i – Phones – Nigeria

Justr remember it may not last up to a year. My friend had N99i, we have been looking for ways to activate gprs but, never succeeded. Hopefully my N99i will last longer since it has a lot of features. I mean as cheap as 25 – nn99i, Naira. Yeah you must have heard about one but surely not the other. A real nokia will bring out info about itself.

To cut stuffs short see the pics for yourself. Naijafan, u’ve left e dumb. Original phones serial number always start with But it cecy a fault.

Anyhow, i bought it for the TV and the 3 megapixel camera resolution.

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