Jumping from music to videos to the notepad function was as snappy as ever, with next to no lag to speak of. What is good about the X7 is the massive storage space, the great audio quality, customization options and the Over the years, Cowon has managed to maintain a fairly decent cover in the US of A, but audio purists recognize the brand for its commitment to sound quality over all else. That said, we looped a video for around nine hours before seeing any hints of exhaustion, leading us to believe that you may honestly get triple-digit battery life if sticking to audio alone. Flash Memory Installed Size.

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You’ll also notice a “Browser” in the UI — no need to get your hopes up, as there’s no WiFi and no web browser onboard.

The world moved on, but we still remember our first MP3 players From iPods to SanDisk Sansas, we reminisce about our first MP3 players — and all the music we packed in our pockets. It’s simply an image browser, and a dream fowon. Make a mini boombox DIY: System Requirements Additional Requirements.

For one, there’s no way to orient the UI horizontally; you’re stuck in portrait mode for the vast majority of applications, like it or not. The Cowon X7 is priced at Rs. How’s it all shake out?


Over the years, Cowon has managed to maintain a fairly decent cover in the US of A, but audio purists recognize the brand for xx7 commitment to sound quality over all else. FM radio c7 capability, TXT files support, lyrics display, upgradeable firmware.

In the end, this unit is little more than a multimedia player; there’s no WiFi, no web browser, and no support for apps of any kind. Let’s lay out an example: Radio, line-in recording, voice recorder, photo playback, video playback.

Cons Low-resolution displayNo bells, whistles, or appsProprietary connector. The Cowon X7 looks like an old-fashioned PDA, and its touchscreen isn’t significantly more responsive – but appearances can be deceptive.

Editors Liked Plenty of storage space Great audio quality Built-in loudspeaker Bluetooth wireless headphone support Great audio format support Phenomenal battery life. Outside of that, we’ve got a standard 3.

We figured Cowon’s X7 wouldn’t bother passing through the FCC’s loose fingertips if it weren’t planning on making a stateside debut at some point, and sure enough, the aforesaid media player is gearing up to ship here just two months after its South Korean reveal.

Battery Life Details Usage Mode. Cowon’s never been one to compete solely on price at least not in Americaand that’s not changing with the X7.

Cowon X7 – A Costly Mistake

Unfortunately, things aren’t as lust-worthy once you dig in. It’s simply the best audio experience out of a PMP, bar-none. Surface Studio 2 review: As with anything x life, Cowon’s made some sacrifices here as well; you won’t find a WiFi module, but you will spot support for Bluetooth headsets.


Equalizer User Preset Qty.

Cowon X7 – A Costly Mistake- Tech Reviews, Firstpost

Beim doch recht hohen Preis ist es allerdings schade, dass Pros Insane battery lifeVery capaciousWorld-beating audio quality. It also uses a resistive touchpanel rather than capacitive, but it’s actually one of the most responsive we’ve ever toyed with.

But if you’re looking for something cown simply the best at being simple, the X7 is tough to beat.

Apple MacOS X Its massive storage capacity and amazing battery life coupled with FLAC support and stellar audio quality x it a great device for audiophiles, but its negatives far outweigh the positives. Run Time Up To. The sound it produces is good, the screen is a pleasure to watch and the battery life is We do appreciate how easy it is z7 simply drag media onto the drive after it mounts on your computer, but then again, we appreciate anything simpler that the abomination known as iTunes syncing.

Performance As for actual performance?

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