I understand you’re trying to do the “right thing” but unless it’s causing you problems being there hows about you mind your own business?. Terms and Conditions Posting Rules. If not, you could: Based on user reviews. Related content Check someone’s driving licence information Request information about a vehicle or its registered keeper from DVLA Vehicle tax disc abolished: First Track Day 20 Sep You will need to state the vehicle registration number, make, model ,colour and the full address where it is parked.

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Which car colour do birds choose to poo on?

Sat 28 Jan CoolHands Original Poster 8, posts months. Then when they get the next complaint they just wearily move the paperwork to another pile.

Reporting untaxed and uninsured cars

SVTRick 3, posts months. Tue 31 Mar First time I’ve used National Numbers and would not hesitate to use again. It’s no dvlla really is it?

It may be an excuse, EF, by the insurance cos to increase premiums, but its one where I can see the logic and tend to believe them.

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If you really feel the need, is there a “Police Aware” sticker on it? By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Hopedully although i doubt it will propt the owner to make it either road legal or scrap it. Emailed and hninsured at every stage. Find out more about cookies. Apr 19, Posts: BMW M2 Competition vs.


Two days later it was broken into and gutted. They might like the revenue.

You will need to state the vehicle registration number, make, model ,colour and the full address where it is parked. They also gave useful reminders such uninwured notifying your insurance company.

Reporting Uninsured, Un-Taxed and Un-MOT’d Vehicles | Overclockers UK Forums

UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Talked me through the whole process.

We all end up paying more in the end for people not paying their legal obligations,I think you must have first hand experience of road tax evasion,correct me if I am wrong. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Tax your vehicle with or without a reminder Vehicle tax cost for cars, motorbikes; car tax bands Vehicle Tax Refunds Qualifying for disabled tax class, disabled car tax Vehicle changes that affect Tax How to tax your vehicle when you are abroad The rules and laws governing car tax Cars and vehicles that do not have to pay car tax Back to Car Tax Vehicle Excise information and advice.


Bearing in mind i have reported the “known car” 3 times to DVLA in as many months and it is still there. Would I use them again? The fewer people put the right amount in the pot, the more the rest of us end up paying. You can use a DVLA service to find out whether or not a vehicle is taxed if you suspect isn’t.

When i asked what the problem was he said it was un-taxed when tax discs were in windows and i would be fined. Best available rate 9. Nah not blocking anything. Lee Reply Report as offensive Link.

Thu 15 Oct I’ve had one or two recently and used Is an electric car right for me?

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