Each color told a different story, and the patient had to attend to and remember only one of the 2, the green or the red. In all three groups, the posterior parts of the superior temporal sulci and middle temporal gyri, the inferior frontal gyri and the anterior temporal lobes showed greater activation when observing social interactions. Neuropsychologia , 42 , — Developmental processes such as refinements in the social brain and mirror system would help grasping subtle cues in non-verbal aspects of social interactions. Figure 2 shows, for each site, the energy modulation induced in each condition of the experiment by letter strings in the 20— Hz range. Common blood flow changes across visual tasks: This was proposed by Pochon et al.

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In half of the NM scenes, the two actors were side-by-side, and in the other half the one was turned sideways with respect to the other. Handbook of clinical neurophysiology. All of the participants had four remaining runs, except for two children and two adults for which three runs only could be included in the analysis.

They uniquely presented with increased activity in the insula, an emotive region that would also be activated in competitions between humans Polosan et al. Discussion This study was designed to investigate the neural correlates of SI recognition based on human motion perception in children, adolescents, and adults.

In contrast, these regions may not have shown increased activation in the children either because some SIs were not part of their motor repertoire yet or because their mirror system was less refined.


Selection of implanted sites was made on purely clinical grounds with no reference to the present experimental protocol.

For each patient, 10—13 semirigid electrodes see Fig. The developing social brain: For each single trial showing no sign of epileptiform activity, bipolar derivations computed between adjacent electrode contacts were analyzed 1 using the standard evoked potential procedure and 2 in the TF domain by convolution with complex Gaussian Morlet’s wavelets Tallon-Baudry et al.

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Watching social interactions produces dorsomedial prefrontal and medial parietal BOLD fMRI signal increases compared to a resting baseline. This phenomenon, called gamma-band response GBR is believed to reflect a synchronization mechanism facilitating communication within and between local neural networks Fries Thus far, however, there have yet been very few reports of local decreases in gamma activity in relation to cognitive processing. Four-year-old children scored below the adults in this SI discrimination task, vidfo 8-year-old children scored comparably to the adults.

Each story was word long.

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Each patient completed 13 blocks, each consisting of one series of each stimulus type with 20 consecutive stimuli per series i. We expect further studies will test ni-q possibility. Hemodynamic signals correlate tightly with synchronized gamma oscillations. These should be differentiated from stimulus-induced responses, which are transient variations due to the stimulation.

Published by Oxford University Press. The remaining functional volumes were temporally slice timing and spatially realignment, co-registration, normalization, and smoothing preprocessed. In adolescents, an action representation system must be already acquired, but must continue to refine during adolescence Choudhury et al. This figure summarizes the group analysis results of the fMRI study, in the children, adolescent and adult groups.


The brain regions involved in visual perception are represented in light blue, in the mirror viceo in yellow, in the social brain viddo red, and regions involved in these three networks are in dark blue. We performed a second analysis where the three groups were pooled together, and where we used the same parameters as in the analysis described above.

Relationship between task-related gamma oscillations and BOLD signal: Total and regional brain volumes in a population-based normative sample from 4 to 18 years: Development of action representation during adolescence. Interestingly, a study by Cavanna and Trimble showed a connection between the precuneus and most of the regions revealed in the adult group: Long trajectory for the development of sensitivity to global and biological motion.

An fMRI study of the social competition in healthy subjects.

Deciphering human motion to discriminate social interactions: a developmental neuroimaging study

The developmental changes found in this study may result from gray matter maturation, new anatomical connections, and refinements in the social brain and mirror system. In each run, the first six functional volumes were removed so as to ensure that longitudinal relaxation time equilibration was achieved.

Unattended words induced no significant deactivation, and at all latencies indicated by star signs, energy was significantly lower for ho-q versus unattended words Kruskal—Wallis comparison.

Interestingly, the pSTS might also show different maturational processes depending on which side.

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