I like cete sound card unless its converters I found a way. A beta driver has been redeveloped for testing and since v. Here is my patchwork: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. With Focusrite, there are a lot of precision in the bass and lower midrange is less clutter.

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Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 Digital Recording Interface

For the home studio, it is relative is still good stuff for the studio pro but there are better elsewhere for much more! These two pre-amps are very effective and can dramatically change the color of its micro without investing big bucks in pre-amp. Yes, although as mentioned above, a better explanation of the Mix Control was not superfluous sometimes we do not understand everything. Very clear as long as you take the trouble to read it! The fact that you can have mics and lines connected at the same time and select them digitally is a time saver and makes for a clean setup.

Rather use fixed in my opinion. You can however plug it to a cheap laptop just for the sake of loading MixControl software and you got yourself an 8 channel live mixer without EQ, if you must.

Bottom line this was a great buy! It’s sort of silly if you ask me, since most of live mixing IS riding the faders constantly to make up for all the variables in a live situation.


Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Have you experienced any incompatibilities? I own preamp tube adapted to my needs and does not use those cards, even emulation Liquid. It would cause a world of problems especially when using certain pre-amps. There are good and less good at Focusrite Sapphire and 56 is on the right side. Very simple and intuitive. Compared to the quality of the physical product, the encoding quality and accessibility of functions and two Pre-amp integrated LIQUID, I find that it’s price is largely justified by its competitors.

Are they often updated? I think it was worth the focusite. I have a lot of old pro tools sessions that i want to edit, convert and remix for Reason and Live and have enough channels to play with.

The general configuration is very intuitive, and to assign different mix on headphones and the monitors just follow the tutorial is very simple.

Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 | eBay

What software do you use most often? The Saffire Mix Control software is really well done and complete and the best of the best is the monitor section: With Compression, Reverb, and Gating saffore, this Focusrite multi-channel recorder makes the music ethereal.


No conflict for me on windows It’s probably related to the same things as the rest. I use Pro Tools 9which allowed me to keep this card!

For me, the quality of pre-amps. The only negative point would be the quality of inputs knobs which are very sensitive to adjustment.

Unfortunately, these preamps are not supported by good converters I use this card to make models of album and to compose. On Ableton live it runs as smoothly and other apps like skype don’t saffirre any troubles recognizing the interface.

Frankly, with the amount of processing we put on today’s music, I feel preamp voodoo comes after to musician’s performance, instrument quality, a faithful mic and it’s placement. The value for money is focuerite, if indeed we have a computer where the bugs do not occur.

This is a very very big plus and a big thank you to them.

Possible, but if instead, I connect an M-Audio profireso using the same machine and the same firewires, it works perfectly. Cubase July 64 bit What you get lag?

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