Rather, he was an investor who wanted to create a high-tech business. With high-end features and uncompromising quality, SignPal 12 offers sign makers high performance software at a reasonable price. We felt we should offer LaserPro users a better solution, so we created software with dedicated functions to meet distinctive laser engraving requirements. The price may be the seller’s own price elsewhere or another seller’s price. At the same time they began recruiting distributors for their new system. It has a uniquely engineered cutting table allowing precise positioning for engraving and vector cutting. Both sign cutting plotters and inkjet plotters had a lot of overlap with our existing ink pen plotters.

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It included personal computer products such as mainframe boards and computer peripherals, namely ink pen plotting systems for mechanical drawing and CAD Computer-Aided Design applications. That high-tech revolution has touched this industry, due in a large part to an innovative company by the name of Great Computer Corporation GCC. The LaserPro StellarMark laser marking sigjpal was introduced by GCC in for high productivity marking applications including textile marking, bar coding and packaging.

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gvc The other companies selling laser engraving machines were not much larger than we were at that point. GCC has since added an additional thermal transfer printer to its line, along with two software packages.

We also saw that the laser market had great potential and that the competition situation was not insurmountable. With the successful launch of SignPal, GCC was now making a profit and could devote more money to developing new products. Check out the compatible file formats of SignPal For instance, GCC receives electronics and professional manufacturing capabilities from Taiwan and laser tubes and optics from the United States.


Popular Features and Benefits: The LaserPro used a DC servo motor to drive the laser, which allowed it to deliver greater precision at higher engraving speeds than a stepper motor of the same size. Once again, Jim chose to follow the market and GCC began researching inkjet systems.

GCC Expert 24 Vinyl Cutter Plotter | eBay

The Explorer also has a built-in USB port and Bluetooth capabilities, which allow the laser to communicate wirelessly with a compatible computer, PDA or even a cell phone. You may also like.

Practical management tools, like Job Info, are also available with signpao version. GCC admits that without such devoted and hardworking distributors, the company would not be as successful as it is today.

We made extensive design changes in the second generation and, luckily, the redesigned cutter received a very good response.

Windows 7 and above 32 or 64 Bit RAM: The Company also built a manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China in After a great deal of research into both processes, GCC made its second major change: The CardExpress ID card printers which print monochrome or full-color cards, tags and badges complete with photos, text and bar tcc.

GCC Expert 24 Vinyl Cutter Plotter

By the end ofGCC had six U. Trade shows provided an opportunity to not only make sales but to learn about new growth opportunities. Leonard Shih center with Alex Wu, V. There were only about 25 employees at GCC at the time, and they were still working on ink signpwl plotter technology. Bcc the company decided to refocus on computer peripherals. SignPal 12 supports 29 Import and 16 Export file formats.


This was a very competitive period in the computer industry, and by Jim decided that if his fledgling company was to succeed, he would need to focus on either computer hardware or computer peripherals. Laser signapl was still relatively new in many of these areas, sginpal GCC was making a strong first impression.

As part of this process, the company was also spending time cultivating new distributors for their laser engraving line. The Neptune also features a highly rigid linear motion system which should provide enhanced durability and minimum maintenance. Jim Lai only had the resources to focus on one of the two technologies if he wanted to keep his company competitive in the high-tech market.

Both packages provide Contour feature to easily make contour lines and add registration marks for graphic files.

View Chart System Requirements Operating systems: One exciting trend that Jim and his team noticed right away was the relatively young laser engraving market. As we learned what sign makers needed, we started to develop the second generation of sign cutting plotters.

Based on the various business needs of users, SignPal 12 provides two different software packages:

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