Another question what about of writting with ink, I do not find on the video a pencil for this tablet. Whenever it stops working and recognising touch – i give it a bit of a slap on the back of the unit – and hey presto the multi touch starts working again. Reveals Atom N and Nvi Don’t miss an update! Because of Wireless communication devices such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, online interactive activities come true conveniently. Regard Win10, I wanted only to bring the TouchPad into for my friend who I gave the Pad to; glad to be rid of it!

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Anyone trying to compare this to the iPad is brain damaged. Is there any news to provide?

I fixed the Hanvon Touchpad issue – It seems that a connection is loose in vc10c computer – as i found out yesterday – accidently dropping it, helped the touchpad to work correctly.

The IntelCULV low-power processors and highly integrated motherboard chipset with large-capacity hard disk make it comparable with the mainstream computer and meet the needs of graphic processing capability, Internet browsing and movie and music entertainment. I converted Win 7 to english, so no bf10c. What is the battery life like?


You know the drill: So it requires for one of you who does have the drivers or the drivers disk to kindly post them up somewhere like mega or mediafire or depositfiles or bitshare or somewhere similar.

If the Hanvon drivers are out there I’m not finding them, just a tonne of dead links!

Hanvon BC10C Touchpad Tablet PC

Were you aware the zip file you uploaded contains malware as detailed above? With the product wigeless handwring recognition software, you can write words to input to instead of type the keyboad. Not trying to be rude here, but surely you must realize that your reply is not only incomplete but also almost entirely incomprehensible!

I looked in bios there is nothing. Perhaps it is an idea to team up if people are interested. It has been a week ago now that the device should have been released. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Hanvon Touchpad BC10C slams the iPad’s spec sheet

I don’t have the BA10E yet. Anonymous 21 December at Remind us to send a thank-you note to Hanvon for taking a break from cranking out e-readers to work on some of the best tablets we’ve seen at CeBIT yet wirelses much more advanced that what was shown by the company back in September. The unit turns on by itself Yeah.


Posted March 15, at 7: Regarding the ‘original disk ISO’ http: I really thought it was the same search as the one I did. We all need some info on availability. Hey Guys Some help if i can.

Hanvon TouchPad BC10C and BA10E hands-on

Is it possible that i am turning off the touchpad in some way so that it wirelsss recognise touch? The unique design solves problems of overheating, knocking and other issues. As well as upload photos immediately for family and friends to share the joy of life. Skip all 2 or 3? Search for the one you like.

Posted by JKK at I’m in the US but closely following this one! So does the optical mouse physically press in to click, or does it just recognize taps? They did a nice job on the design; not wirelesss much bezel.

It’s like guessing if you hit the “order” button:

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