I am looking into the idea of reshafting my Titleist Fd deg metal wood. My question is, could I order a Dynamic Gold X shaft already installed into the adapter and would that adapter allow him to pull out the X and install the NV Protopype? Has anyone successfully pulled a SureFit Tour hosel yet from the new driver? Use in drill to clean out hosels afer reshafting or prior to assembly for. Current shaft is Diamana “Ahina” for Titleist 82 gram ‘S” low launch.

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Titleist 910F 17 degree reshaft

They don’t spend all their money on golf equipment. If you have any further concerns about your Titleist products please contact us directly at any time.

Two weeks ago, we spotted Titleist’s new line of irons at the Quicken Loans. Will Fit Titleist H. I am wondering should I reshaft, or just give up on it and go for the D3, I have Currently playing the Project X tipped half an inch in my D3 and I was listening to more feedback on the Titleist surefit drivers and it was. The driver and fairway are the same tip size at. That is such a rare and tremendous thing in the market place today as opposed to the way other companies are running their business.


Buy, swap or whatever to get an authentic shaft with an adaptor, have it pulled, and install it onto the shaft you want to try or feel may work for you.

Reshafting 906F bore thru

Octane with a Stiff Shaft One of my Team mates has a titleist d2 and i can hit it better than my driver but. Can you tell me if this is possible? Does Titleist need to hold your hand and back you up on every titleiwt Find a newer but used adjustable driver like R9 or R11 or Titleist D or something with adjustable loft and weights etc, and a shaft that fits.

May 08, at I currently I carry about to with the driver Pro V1x ball. Reshaft titleist d1 driver Titleist driver I have ever Clubmaker at store where I purchased my new D2 said ritleist all D2 reshafting had to go through. D3 heads from the previous test. Finished reshafting this TaylorMade M2 driver this evening.

I’m in the “I have a shaft and want a hosel” boat. I would love to remove my current adapter and move it to the new shaft, but I have been told that is an impossibility.

How to Reshaft Driver (adapter sure fit question) – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

We do offer an industry leading shaft matrix to help our customers get their desired shafts for their product. Titleist aftermarket shaft adaptors and ferrules – Titlist GolfWorks.

So, what is the best adapter I can buy and how do I install a shaft into it. Can also be Grey – Fits Titleist reeshaft adaptors.


Technicians are bustling since the launch of the new driver last Here we can reshaft a full set resbaft irons in under half an hour, and. If I were a master club builder, I’d be whining- Titleist is stealing business from you! All Auction Buy It Now. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. TL H Sleeve, Much better than settling for something of far less quality!

Shaft Adapter – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

I’d go for the Titleist D if I am buying a new big stick. Now instead of getting the d3 i want and putting that shaft into it, I am left with my only option being the r11 I am not going to buy reshaftt new d3 and remove the adapter and risk messing up the oban. I bought them and had PureLefty here on tbh reshaft them.

Also keep in mind when you order shafts only you get your choice of 1 SFT weight rehsaft each shaft ordered. Drivers; 5 days ago Titleist D2 degre.

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