The Deskstar is the name of a product line of computer hard disk drives. B [3] Deskstar 7K By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. According to filtered and analyzed data collected from participating StorageReview. Although the drive continued to deliver first-rate size and speed, an unusually large number of users complained about reliability problems with the model.

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For more information click here. Unlike typical productivity applications, high-end audio- and video- editing programs are run in a more serial and less multitasked manner. We’re also planning a look at a gig GXP with a 2-megabyte buffer deskkstar the near future.

They further would not impact deskstr usage in a perceptible fashion. Then came the 75GXP. Keep in mind though that the drive’s When moving from to gig disks, IBM abandoned its unique five-platter architecture in favor of a more conventional three-disk design, hence the regression in size when comparing the older flagship 75GXP to the newer 60GXP. No background applications were running and the hard drive was defragged before the tests.

You can also see a clear plastic round device which is the air filter for air coming in via the breather hole.

Note that while the measurement is an A-weighted decibel score that weighs frequencies in proportion to human ear sensitivity, a low score does not necessarily predict whether or not a drive will exhibit a high-pitch whine that some may desketar intrusive. This technology took a while to be adopted, but was initially adopted on laptop drives where shock resistance was an issue, but is almost universally seen on all drives nowadays.

  MAGTEK 21040108 DRIVER

For more information, check out this headline. The figures provided are net temperatures representing the difference between the measured drive temperature and ambient temperature. Such features generally indicate bad sectors that have been remapped to a different portion of the drive. These magnets are one of the big prizes aside from the shiny platters which you get from disassembling the hard drive.

After that is a thin aluminium suspension which applies pressure towards the disk, and it has a suspension which holds the heads themselves. While these two model lines incorporate similar features, which I will go over shortly, the 75 GXP line is aimed at the performance user, while the desstar GV line is aimed more at the cost conscience user. Our Desktop DriveMark suite utilizes the first 30 GB of a test drive; as the graph demonstrates, IBM’s unit delivers ruler-straight performance well beyond that mark.

IBM Deskstar 14GXP – hard drive – 10.1 GB – ATA-33

Despite their age, the Disk WinMarks are somewhat of an industry standard. Legacy Performance eTesting Lab’s WinBench 99 Disk WinMark tests are benchmarks that attempt to measure desktop performance through a rather dated recording of high-level applications.

Ramp-load and unload was a superior technology which deskstarr the start-stop numbers quite significantly by keeping the heads from ever contacting anything! It’s practically impossible to hear this drive over even the quietest CPU ibn power supply fans.


Even now reader interest in IBM’s latest runs high.

Seek Time Read 8. Windows XP’s boot procedure involves significantly different access patterns and queue depths than those found in other disk accesses. I just saw the replacement of my 45gig 75GXP replacement harddrive breaking down The GXP continues with three platters yielding a flagship capacity of GB- not bad considering that all competitors excepting only Western Digital have pulled back to two-disk designs. Seeks are also deskstxr. For more information click here.

IBM Deskstar 60GXP 60 GB,Internal, RPM,” (IC35LAVER07) HDD | eBay

The GXP’s outer-zone transfer rates weigh in at a respectable B [3] Deskstar 7K A “-0” signifies a 2-meg buffer while a “-1” indicates 8 megabytes. Although the drive continued to deliver first-rate size and speed, an unusually large number of users complained about reliability problems with the model. One Response to Hard Drive Disassembly: Click for more about me! Or just to present an even surface to the desksgar.

The figure typically represents the lowest sustained transfer rate a drive delivers.

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