Drive can NOT read disc Try listen closely to see if the disc is spinning. Please check your USB port’s specifications. Find an empty bay, slide the drive into the bay and mount the drive by using 4 screws. Connector is plugged in securely Connector is plugged in at proper orientaion. When such situation occurred, please format the disk before processing burning action. Sound card or speaker issue Make sure sound card and speaker are installed properly, and function normally.

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Please follow below process: Low quality disc Your disc may NOT be copied or stamped to industrial standard, and is below minimum tolerance. There is DVD-5, lte single-sided and single-layer disc which holds 4.

Make sure download from authorized site only.

ltdd Connect the other end of the Serial ATA data cable to your drive. Unauthorized upgrade Be sure to use authorized upgrade only. Error Code Error Code The two devices are: The Blu-ray Disc system uses the same 12 cm and 8 cm disc sizes to support backward compatibility with your CDs and DVDs and other optical disc formats.

LITEON DVD-ROM LTD ATA Device Drivers Download for Free | Driver Talent

Download liteon dvd rom ltd softwares – Freeware and allows you to create a boot disk, complete with more than 50 CD-ROM drivers. We suggest you upgrade your system to USB 2. Product-dependent feature Blu-ray Disc players enable you to continue to view and enjoy your existing DVD libraries.


Most drives will function normally after all broken disc dvd-rm removed.

Your problem Hard Disk C: The name Blu-ray Disc is derived from the blue-violet laser used to read and write this type of disc. Because DVD was zp and designed to store and playback DVD 16, and due to the business advantages concerns, the 8 major Film Industry Company wishing to prevent DVDs sold in one region, which may be transported to where it is not released.

Because of this shorter wavelength nmsubstantially more data can be stored on a Blu-ray Disc than on the common DVD format, which uses a red, nm laser.

The transfer rate slows down, depending upon the available system resources in a Windows environment. The noise came from balls moving into position. If your system only support USB 1. HA 1 Drive buffer: Flash Memory Damage due to improper Firmware upgrade If LED light stays on during computer ” boot sequence “, try to download latest Firmware and update flash memory.

Broadest industry support from brands you trust. Win10 cannot support ODD.


Driver Liteon DVD Rom Ltd163

Internal DVD Drives – test. After these changes have been utilized, the DVD ReWritable drive will need to be send back to its manufacturer for re-configuration. Incorrect disc format Please make sure your disc format is supported by the drive you are using. Eject button mulfunction Please varify if there is click sound when eject button is depressed. Liteon dvd rom ltd driver free download. Choose a proper version according to your system.

However, these 3 methods of protection have all been hacked. However, if there is a bad disc poor recording quality, dirty spots or severe scratches…etcthen the player will not get data fast enough to support the playback operation. Breakthroughs in hard-coating technologies enable Blu-ray Disc to offer the strongest resistance to scratches and fingerprints.

All drivers available for download have been. When such situation occurred, please format the disk before processing burning action. Damaged disc Drive can NOT read disc with serious scratches and marks.

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