Finally, if things are “still not working” after you make these changes, do make sure that the problem is not that you’re now getting a different error, like “Cannot open database “yourdbname” requested by the login. Hi Charlie, just to verify my above entry: The SSL connection request has failed. Update I was working on another machine where I had this error, and this time, I had to take one more step in enabling the port, as the step above just wasn’t enough. The following information is part of the event: You need to set the default schema for your new user.

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That should answer your question. I’m sqoserver sure if I am explaining this right. Search the Knowledge Base to find a solution to your problem. Now I can go to bed!!!!!!

Hi Charlie, just to verify my above entry: Greg, I appreciate the suggested solution, and hope it may help others. I had never heard about that before. You can’t access a variable in a higher process.

Another problem could be that SQL Server is listening on a port other than what you think. And the first result macrromedia 2 there is a lengthy discussion of this issue by an Adobe engineer in sqlerver Adobe forums. Alec, did you read my entry in its entirety? We use a housing software based on ColdFusion and uses SQL to create database functions in our reports. However this customer configuration was different: I find that it is not wise to make a user login an owner of a schema role.


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Are you saying you tried every suggestion in every comment of that blog entry? After doing that, and restarting, all was well. This is the error when trying to load the database from the “webview” basically. Friday, February 26, 6: Without knowing more, this sounds like a SQL or reporting issue. I was used to using the management utility from SQL Serverso jumping over to check the connection types was logical. It’s just a matter of finding it.

Not really “the answer”, but some thoughts for you to consider. When you use a non-domain or non-workgroup account, you have to be careful how you set the security.

Error Executing Database Query.

After hours of troubleshooting I finally figured it out and wanted to post it hear if others have the same issue. Charlie Arehart’s Server Troubleshooting Blog. Thanks, Tim, for sharing another resource for people facing these challenges. Please do not continue to bring up these unrelated issues here, or I may be forced to delete your future comments.


And since you’re asking about something outside the focus of the entry, I’ll just reiterate that you can contact me directly about consulting, at charlie at carehart. You’ll notice there’s a specific “database access” forum there.

Glad to hear it’s resolved.

Maybe the problem isn’t unique to 7 and could apply to 6 or 8. Anyway, glad to have helped. In the CF admin 7 and abovewhen adding, editing, or verifying a SQL Server datasource, you may get the following error: There is nothing left to do, still after I restart my coldfusion thru services I get the above error.

That’s the power of the web and blogs. Getting started with SQL Server.

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