See the documentation for that program to find out how to switch to writing mode. Tap to return to the note list. The expansion slot makes the device have limitless memory. You must also configure a connection on your Pocket PC as described in section 6. This is a pity, as it’s precisely the more complex navigation episodes that can benefit most from detailed written instructions. Tap and drag the split bar to where you want it. A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone.

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The message is transferred to the Outbox folder in Exchange digiwaalker Outlook on your desktop computer and sent the next time you synchronize. To change the screen view from portrait to landscape, tap icon System Screen Status Icons When the Today screen is displayed, you may see the following status icons on the Command bar or Navigation bar.


You will see the page that was downloaded the last time you synchronized with your desktop computer. A drawing box appears. Had to purchase a larger card to accomodate the outdated maps.

By default, the screen backlight will automatically turn off and the Pocket PC will also turn off when it has been idle for a period of time. Tap and hold to see a pop-up menu of digiwalkfr.


You can set a four-digit password or a long password containing a combination of at least seven characters, digits or punctuation 4. Important instructions for service personnel only Caution: Starting and Ending a Network Card Connection To start the connection, install the network card and connect the network cable. When closing the car window, be careful not to pinch the antenna.

Do not store or carry flammable liquids, gases or explosive materials in the same compartment as your Pocket PC, its parts or accessories. Viewing Mobile Favorites and Channels 1.

Tap and hold the item you want to send and then tap Beam File on the pop-up menu. In MSN Messenger, tap 2.

When files are added to the play list, the play list is automatically saved when you exit MP3 Player. If the address is already in your contact list, you can or the Contacts button in the Command bar to select the e-mail address. Managing Email Messages And Folders 7. Right-click on the program and then click on Move the shortcut to the Start Menu folder in the Windows folder.

Messaging When you receive a message, tap it to open it.

You can customize the Calendar display for example, change the first day of the weekby tapping Tools Creating an Appointment 1. Setting up an Email Service You can use multiple email services to receive your messages.


To create a drawing, cross three ruled lines on your first stroke. Chatting with Contacts Tap a contact name to open a chat window. Keeping A To Do List 4. To print the manual completely, please, download it. You can create new workbooks on your Pocket PC or you can copy workbooks from your desktop computer to your Pocket PC. In tests it proved very sensitive acquiring a lock from a cold start in under 20 secs which compares well with other devices.

Mitac Mio 168

Select the type of password you would like to use. Depending on the continuing developments diviwalker the product, the software supplied with your Pocket PC may be changed or updated.

Using the Input panel, enter a name and other contact information. There is little dgiwalker remark upon as far as the rest of the hardware is concerned. You must also configure a connection on your Pocket PC as described in section 6. Marking labels located on the exterior of your device indicate the regulations that your model complies with. Palm T X

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