If the file has no copy on CardScan. In this window, open Tools, select Forms and choose Publish Forms. I have created a custom export template that I would like to distribute to users. Do I have to pay any per-copy royalty to distribute the SDK files with my application? Highlight the contacts folder you would like to synchronize with CardScan.

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No, the SDK is designed to read business cards and you cannot modify this logic.

CardScan’s device drivers are not marked bit compatible, so you can install and run the CardScan software, but the scanner doesn’t work. Choose Select All from the Edit menu.

FLASH is not supported in your current browser click here to go to product images. Select the CardScan file you would like to synchronize with Outlook.

Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, and single-click on other entries you wish to select. Some features may not work correctly. Close the Untitled – Contact and do not save changes.


How do I clear all the contact data in the Palm organizer handheld address book? Open Microsoft and create the mail merge. Otherwise, you must purchase a CardScan software license for each end-user.

Cardscam the directory were you saved all of your vCards drag and drop then into the Contacts folder of the iPod. Click on the Windows Start Button.

Videos CardScan Overview Video. Yes, you can retrieve the raw text read from an image, including the top, left, bottom and right coordinates of each line. The Microsoft ActiveSync window opens. Choose Delete from the Card menu. Click Edit and select Copy.

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Choose Open from the Czrdscan menu in CardScan. Click the drop-down menu and select Use templates in file system. Choose Selected Contacts Only and then Next. In the other application, click the contact to copy and hold the button down until the cursor changes shape. You can synchronize your CardScan contacts with Outlook.

Open CardScan and the other application. Search for and double click on the file named Blank.

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Click OK until you are back at the main Intellisync screen. Use the Pre-Defined Template, click Next. If you wish to print the back of the card in CardScan, you would have to re-scan the back of your business card as a new record. No, the CardScan SDK is carvscan for applications that require complete control over the scanning and recognition process and, therefore, does not provide any means to control or interact with the CardScan program.


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Select or browse for the file to back up and clickNext. The contact information appears in the correct fields of a new contact. A Publish Form As dialog opens.

Accept any changes in contact information from the scanned business card, then select OK. Press the Configure button in the CardScan Synchronization window. Open a CardScan file in List view. Select Edit and Copy.

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