Even better, the “Past” mode scans the subject continuously, and saves the two frames just before you pressed the shutter, helping to compensate for lagging reflexes that normally result in pictures snapped just after the critical moment has passed. The ability to achieve such good alignment between shots makes the final stitching process much easier, and reduces the likelihood you’ll have visible seams in your final panorama. Explore the links at the bottom of this page, to see how well the QV performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you may be considering buying. At closest approach in macro mode, the QV can capture an area as small as 3. The time-lapse exposure mode can be a lot of fun, and could be really useful for school science projects.

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These modes are so genuinely useful and take such unique advantage of digital capabilities that we expect to see them mimicked by other manufacturers in the near future. Larger CF memory cards are available, both from Casio and on the open market.

Casio drivers free download software for all devices

Helpful 0 Not Helpful Flag. Like any other auto-exposure system, that of the QV is prone to being “fooled” by unusual lighting conditions, such as a bright subject against a dark background, or strong backlighting. Digicams are cheap enough nowadays to purchase new along with cheap large storage memory cards which comes bundled during sales.

Test Results As with all Imaging Resource camera tests, we encourage you to let your own eyes be the judge of how well the devices performed: You probably get more capability in one box in terms of ways you can capture images, and things you can do with them than with any other product on the market.


Spin Panorama is a panorama “stitching” program, that lets you combine multiple shots into wide panoramic views. Images can also easily be moved from one folder to another. Presently, CF cards are available in sizes up to 48MB, and larger models become available every few months. At any moment, the three previous frames are held in memory, until the next one arrives and pushes the oldest one out.

With the QV, Casio is not only making a move toward more mainstream photographic features with the inclusion of a built-in flashbut continues their history of innovation with unique timed-exposure modes.

Several of the included software packages provide for image manipulation, and the creation of various creative items such as calendars, cards, etc.

Conclusion Overall, the QV is quite a package! This has proved to be somewhat of a mixed blessing for the manufacturers though, in that they often are wrongly blamed for fuzzy images that may be the fault of the photographer.

Casio QV-700 (1997)

Posted on Jan 30, Some may question the benefit of assembling presentations in the camera, rather than on a computer and qv-7700 uploading the results back to the camera for display.

Don’t blame blurry pictures on the camera when you’re blithely hand-holding shots even a pro would shy away from. You cannot add the time and date to a picture after you have taken it except with photo editing software.

You should now be in the engineering menu of the camera. Viewfinder Casio originated the concept of an LCD panel as the camera viewfinder, and continues that tradition in the QV White Balance The QV normally operates with a fairly effective automatic white balance control enabled.


The first one is pretty basic but should give you an idea of what to do with your white balance. Optics We’ve already talked quite a bit about the swiveling lens mount on the QV, so won’t spend more time on it here. While previewing the scene, the viewfinder display gives a fairly good representation of what the final image will look like. Please enter a valid email address. Foremost among these are its various timed-exposure modes, which we’ll explore further in the “Exposure” section of this review.

Casio QV-R40 camera just bought second-hand appears to – Fixya

Direct sunlight can swamp the illumination of the backlight, making them hard to read. Extended viewing of images will drastically shorten your battery life. Images may be deleted singly, an entire folder can be cleared, caaio all images in the camera can be erased at once.

We could also imagine industrial or security applications as well.

Other information displays on the LCD are controlled by the “Disp” qv-00 on the top panel. The start time is optional. Other than this though, we confess we’re hard-pressed to understand how one would effectively use this capability Time for a new one I guess- too old to consider remedial work.

Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. ColorDesk’s claim to fame is more extensive image manipulation, and a special color-matching system czsio insure good-looking printouts.

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