When the display is showing a completely dark scene, there are bright spots in the middle and to the right. It is not evenly lit — there is noticeable light leakage coming from the bottom of the display. The lowest framerate observed was However, there are some imperfections in the display. The area above the keyboard where the status lights are is also somewhat flexible. The power adapter is large, almost the size of a DVD in length and much thicker view large image. Even at full tilt, it is hard to tell the fans are running.

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M17710 of the time, even during firefights, the framerate stayed at 60 or close to it the game is capped at 60FPS. Not only is it quiet, but it also is has a very smart design. The bottom, however, does. I benchmarked the first level of FEAR from the moment my character stepped out of the car until the end of the first checkpoint. In addition, the palm rests are extremely solid.

Dell XPS M1710 Review (pics, specs)

However, 3DMark is nothing more than a synthetic benchmark; the true test for any gaming-oriented video card is games… Gaming tests: It weighs about 1. But if you do, the battery life is respectable for a computer with this much power.


Dell offers a few ways to get technical support and varying levels of warranty — from years and optional at home service. Below is a displya down of all the ports you get with the M Same goes for movie audio. We use Super Pi to calculate overall processor number crunching speed, our favorite is to calculate Pi to 2 million digits of accuracy. The processor is on one, and the video card on the other, both using separate fans and heatsinks.

Death defying glamour shots of the M above New York City…. It is somewhat uncomfortable to touch.

Dell XPS M Laptop Replacement Parts |

From then on in, I could not access anything to do with the wireless connection or the settings of the wireless card — as soon as I did, the system would freeze. This was odd, because I set the wireless card to not turn off and to stay at maximum eisplay.

Dell M in the dark, next to mirror view large image. Touchpad in the dark view view large image. It also provides for extra oomph with sound volume, at top volume the sound is definitely too loud.

This results in strong overall physical protection of the notebook, worry-free of case cracks appearing or problems with excessive flexing.


On the inside it houses the 2. Keyboard, Touchpad and Buttons: The XPS M is quoted as being 8. Send email questions to Dell technicians www. The power adapter that comes with this notebook is rather huge, to say the least.

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The battery is a 9-cell located at the front area of the notebook, which is a little different to the normally far back positioned location.

I could connect to my Netgear Even at full tilt, it is hard to tell the fans are running.

However, there are some imperfections in the display. The hard drive has a N1710 shock absorber for small drops and bumps for protection in small drops.

Dell XPS M left side view view large image. These buttons work in both Windows and the Dell Media Direct quick boot application view large image. XPS keyboard and touchpad view view large image. Visit our network of sites: Interval 01 0X AA:

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