On site, temporary 6U height reduction capability The top 6U of the rack can be temporarily detached at the client site to make it easier to move the rack through doors or elevators. Does not apply Rack Indicator, Rack 11 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the eleventh rack for a multi-rack order. Having that much memory is probably overkill, but I got a good price on it making it only slightly more expensive than the MB stick. ThinkPads have a super slim modular bay. First, unscrew and remove the Hard Disk. The Asus case was plastic which I did not like and it was a bit of an unknown to me. It does run a little warmer than the RPM hard drive, but the speed is oh so good.

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Ok, IF they are the same, then you can do the following and determine if this will work: Sturdy — Good build quality was a must for me.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Review (pics, specs)

The Clients request will be reviewed for safe handling by checking weight distribution within the rack. This rear extension does not increase or decrease the rack’s 42 EIA 42U vertical size.

Additional AC power distribution Omnitor required: As luck would have it, I recently had a chance to use a T42, and I took the opportunity to run it through our standard set of LCD tests.

This equipment is imb to FCC rules; it will comply with the appropriate FCC rules before final delivery to the buyer or center of distribution. They can be moved to a position that disables the external latches on the rack side panels, and prevents removal of the side panels. Default can be overriden during the configuration session. A few notes you need to be aware of: Selection of this indicator will direct the order to a system plant for fulfillment.


With the processor at the very slow setting and the display monotor down two notches to five out of seventhe battery yields about 2 hours and 40 minutes of web surfing and word processing.

T42 Screen Replacement Guide – Lenovo Community

The keyboard does not have many extra buttons, only volume controls, mute and the Access IBM button. One clever feature shuts down the hard drive if shock or sudden movements are detected. Just reverse the dissassembly process. Both Front Trim Kit For 2. One of the few faults I can find with my ThinkPad is the lack of connection options. The computer just looks like it could take a beating, though at these prices I wouldn t want to test that.

The preload and recovery partition left about 50 GB free on the 60 GB hard drive. AC power distribution, 6 power outlets. Windows even saw the new upgraded screen and reconfigured itself for me.

Its important, but everything went fine tho I didnt. The trim pieces cover the space between each rack for an enhanced appearance and for additional protection of the equipment inside the racks.

If a system is ordered with a 42U rack, it can not be shipped by air, and two additional days will be required for shipping. A few questions then: Initial Balanced Warehouse Solution: I had a few hours to play with it before I had to leave.


It provides a secure location in the rack for modems attached to Hardware Management Consoles. After looking at many models and prices, I decided that ebay was the best place to buy.

A maximum of 42 EIA units are available for mounting drawers in the rack. Once removed, moonitor can then lift out the whole Lid Assembly Indicator for rack space utilization Minimum required: A two-and-a-half hour battery combined with screen problems might not be major issues for lesser notebooks, but the T42 s strong suits along with its price make these flaws all the more noticeable.

7014-T42 IBM Rack Model T42

You could obtain a working and just swap over the parts you already have pretty cheap. I have since decided to keep my desktop, which in some ways makes me regret not getting the Fujitsu. The Ruggedized Rack Feature also includes hardware for bolting the rack to a concrete floor or a similar surface, and bolt-in steel filler panels for any unoccupied spaces in the rack when shipped from IBM Manufacturing.

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