This was a big concern of mine for a bit since I think we all use our phones to check on bank accounts and such where we must enter in account numbers and passwords for access….. You just have to activate or pair the 2 devices then make sure A2DP is connected then wallah!!!! I am sure I will have many more question, but I will read whats listed first. Hopefully you dont have to return your phone to china! The screen is better resolution, the camera is great.

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Also looking at pulling the phone apart and modify the attenna to get icoe reception inside and also replace the 6 speaker inside the phone with high quality ones. Jake, Thanks on the heads up on what to expect if trying to use the phone for surfing. I was wondering whether or not spare parts or repairs can be obtained?

I love the big LCD, feel, looks, how loud it is but like someone else mentioned it just lacks……leaves lots to be desired. Unicity thanks for the feedback …im just glad someone knows what im talking about…. I will post when they arrive. I look forward to any further findings you idoe with your A I ufoe got the instructions for setting up my e-mail hope p16 helps!!!! Really, that name is not really even needed… T-mobile doesnt use it at all.


Aug 14, Apple iPhone Smartphone. Please keep in mind I am not good at this stuff at all. Do i need some sort of update or anything? I dont think that will work, The Iphone is a little bigger. I still need help accessing tzones.

iPhone vs iFOE | Karl Baron | Flickr

I am using rogers in Canada. Remember this phone olny owrks on or is your phone comapny on those bands?

Dec 16, Dual Cell Phones. Without the stylst it a bit of a challenge to select letter for quick searching. I p618 it is a great cell phone, very cheap and usefull, the sound is really amazing! I have a a Carlene I will double check that to make sure they are saved right. I tried that but it wont work… it says connecting to computer and then nothing happends.??

CECT P168 – Another Apple iPhone Clone

But today I saw a Googlemap loaded on a cellphone with normal internet action, and it worked just fine. My problem is getting music from my computer to the phone. He said he had quad bands, but the last batch were Tri bands. I am wondering if anyone who has their phone connected to the internet at this point can give some feedback on how it compares to conventional PC experience??? Please assign your manual to a product: For those of you interested in getting one of these phones, I found a good number of them on sale at eBay.


I am waiting for 5 more to be delivered. Bought mine from Neobya on e bay as well, works great in Sweden with Halebop. Also how do I connect this to my pc I put it in the usb but it does not recognize it I see the other gentleman had that same promblem with his A is that something that happens with computers that runs on xp.

Is this true or false. My p works really well. There is somebody in this Blog that has a PDF version that gives it out for free. Any of those can be converted to mp4 and it should work fine.

I understand that… but. Good question about the itunes, but does anyone know what operating system this runs on or can run on it?

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