A wide variety of dental implants currently exists in the art. The mount 70 includes a central bore or throughhole 79 to receive the screw The region 31 , in turn begins at or about the point 33 and ends at its distal end Enossal single tooth implant with twisting prevention. This body 58 supports the prosthetic tooth or other appliance. Rotation of the screw 14 forces the beveled surface 52 against the beveled surface 35 forming a tight friction fit.

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Fill out the contact form below and we will respond as soon as possible. As the abutment screw 14 is advanced against the shoulder 61the surface 52 is forced into and against the surface 35with the lobed configuration 45 of the abutment positioned within the lobed configuration 31 of the implant. The surface 29 defines, and is defined by, the internal lobed configuration hereinafter described. Thus, in the preferred embodiment, there are six concave lobes 38 and six convex lobes Tightening tool for nuts or bolts.

Because the surface 29 defines both convex and concave lobes as described below, the thickness of the wall 26 will vary from thin wall sections as shown in FIG. Accordingly, it is contemplated that the scope of the present invention be dictated by the appended claims rather impllant by the description of the preferred embodiment.

This lobed configuration provides increased surface area for contact with a wrench or other drive means during installation, as well as providing an outer implant wall of sufficient thickness to improve resistance to implant connection failures, particularly when accommodating off-axis loading. The minor diameter 41 of the lobe configuration is greater than the diameter of the internally threaded bore 32 and the difference between the minor diameter 41 and the major diameter 40 should be kept as small as possible, while still providing sufficient torque transferability to install the implant and to remove it, if needed.


The implant in accordance with the present invention also includes a stabilizing region which provides the implant and abutment with a highly stable connection. The internal threads of the bore 32 compliment and receive the external threads 24 of the screw 14 when the implant 11the abutment 12 and screw 14 are in their assembled position as shown in FIG.

The screw 71 is then inserted through the open end of the bore 79 and the distal end is threaded into the internal threads 32 of the implant Click for automatic bibliography generation. Hybrids Read More Here. This reduction in failures is particularly applicable for situations involving off-axis loading. An accommodation region 44 is provided between the distal end 42 and the bore While the preferred embodiment shows the implant retaining means as lfecore a single continuous thread 18 over a substantial portion of the imp,ant surface of the implant, such retaining means can include any retaining means currently known in the art or hereinafter known in the art including, but not limited to, multiple threads, tapered threads, alternating threads of implanh heights, or retaining means which do not comprise threads.

Contact our implant specialists on your next litecore The abutment 12 includes a region 45 corresponding to the implant lifecoer The outer diametrical dimension of the wall portion 26 defines the diameter of the implant in this particular region of the implant.

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The connection screw 14 includes a distal end 21 and a proximal end The rotation portion 69 may comprise a hex, a square or any other means to which a motorized or non-motorized instrument i,plant the like can be applied to rotate the drive member 63 and thus the implant Your browser does not support HTML5 video.


The abutment includes a distal end 19a proximal end 20 and an internal connection bore or opening A dental implant assembly comprising: Implants Using authentic implant components not only reduces the risk of failure, it also carries a warranty and guarantees an accurate and well-fitting restoration.

Thus the lobes 46 and 48 are designed to slide into the lobes 38 and 39respectively, in relatively close tolerances. This region 45 includes a lobed configuration comprised of a plurality of externally facing lobes including a plurality of outwardly extending convex lobes 46 which compliment, and are designed lifecorr engagement with, the concave lobes 38and a plurality of concave lobes 48 which compliment, and are designed for engagement with, the convex lobes The mount 70 includes a central bore or throughhole 79 to lifrcore the screw Although the description of the preferred embodiment has been quite specific, it is contemplated that various modifications could be made without deviating from the spirit of the present invention.

In these alternate configurations, the corresponding configurations of the loads on the abutment and the drive tools and placement heads are similarly altered.


Implant with internal multi-lobed interlock. As shown best in FIG. When the abutment 12 is assembled within the implant 11as shown best in FIGS.

Rotation of the screw 14 forces the beveled surface 52 against the beveled surface 35 forming a tight friction fit.

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