By default the function keys are not function keys, they are “Help”, “Undo”, etc. Direct Download Success Stats: This keyboard has a top row of seven color-coded buttons. My computer runs this at every startup. The eleventh key with keycap “F lock” is a switch between two sets of scancodes for function keys F1-F

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However, my results show 4. I had read that the wheel has 3 speeds, normal, fast, and faster. Note the scancodes above are those read by x86 software in port 0x The keyboard interrupt doesn’t trigger, showkeys doesn’t see them do anything, and in DOS, a simple sequence of BIOS calls doesn’t see them either.

Open on F5 key,? Above the number pad: These keys do not produce any codes in scan code Set 3. When that LED is set, the 17 keypad keys give different scancodes: I wouldn’t recommend the “brown” Filco. There is a “function lock” key. Recommended if Liteon Sk is the only driver on your PC you wish to update.

The sequence eb 00 80 locks the keyboard; if the Mute LED was blinking it now is lit permanently. Did you miss your activation email?


Recent keyboards are basically MF II keyboards, but provided with a bewildering variety of additional keys. The translated Set 3 codes are 6a69686c6566976b9954respectively. On the left touchpad below the scroll wheel: They really are quite good yeah they’re rubber and should be cheap, second hand especially. This keyboard reports keyboard ID ab 83 translated ab c1. Finally, the usual block with four arrow keys has been enlarged by two more keys “page left” and “page right”.

However, when Turbo is pressed simultaneously, the Power, Sleep, Wake keys yield e0 5ee0 5fe0 63 as they should. The Menu key may be modified by shift etc.

Liteon Sk Driver Download Version

The keys F1-F12 do repeat while pressed, but in disabled F-lock mode they send their scancode only once. Let the Holy Handgrenades rain.

Have you read the geekhack TOS lately? Unusual commands are e4 0bwhich returns bc 1c untranslated 06 f0 5aand e4 0cwhich returns ff untranslated 00and ec 0cwhich returns 06 regardless of translation.

LiteOn SK-2500 Keyboard/Mouse Driver 4.11 free download

When the FLock light is off default the e0 -version is activated. My computer runs this at every startup.


These translations are bugs, but otherwise all seems to function as expected, except that this keyboard does not recognize scancode set 3 and returns fe for an attempt to set Set 3. After having the Filco and the Realforce, there seems ljteon be a pretty good difference in quality between the two.

First row of buttons: Otherwise, I guess the Cherry Browns are the closest cherry has to offer to Topre but this is really second-hand knowledge.

I have so many bad habits revolving around using the arrow keys sadly I need them when playing Battlefield Yes, I still play that. Currently hammering litfon a fresh Happy Hacking Pro 2. Medion E – Windows 7 32 so-2500 Outdated or Corrupted drivers: Below it a blue button “mute”.

The FLock toggle switches them back to good old function key state.

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