How is the Gold Competency Level Attained? Some people with RPC-2 drives will be very happy! Creative Labs RWE 1. Change the drive speed including a quiet mode for DVD Movie viewing 2. Updated the GDBX firmware infos. I have updated the DVD page with all these interresting informations. Both patched firmware are actually untested.

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These new firmware must be installed before using the new Panasonic Windows drivers.

Driver, anyone? Matshita cd-rom cr PLEASE!!!! | Hardware Central Forum – Join 50k+ Members

Eom firmware has been tested and it works great! Updated the link for the Samsung SD firmware 1. Sorry for the delay about the GD windows utility but i haven’t be able to contact Hunter since many days. They say the Eraser contained Pioneer copyrighted code, but it’s not true.

Finally, it’s not 1 very waited firmware but 2 who are available today!!! For more drive compatibility infos and how to use the utility continue to go to Fekete Istvan page and support him!! Great week-end for RPC-1!!


Panasonic CRB Free Driver Download for DOS () – 58x_exe

This single utility is enough to region-free or region-lock the drive. But for an unknow reason you can’t use them if you have a drive with the “official” 2. This patch do not make the drive RPC-1 but viewing of movies from all 8 regions is enabled.

The file is available in the utilities page. Here in France, Pioneer make the modification for Fr. Added firmware for the Combo drives: The best deals on laptops, tablets, PCs, gaming cs much more!

He opened a new page at http: I need some infos about the drives. I have inserted the correct one now. In fact, upon first insertion of DVD-Video disc it reports as region free, after insertion it becomes region locked. You could load the region code eraser and modified firmware at www. Kirill Pioneer DVD 1.

Check the CD page for more details. There is one more feature in those Version 1. The only way to make these new dvd-rom players region free is through a firmware update rkm if one exists and even then you probably will be able to change the firmware only a maximum of five times.


Matsushita CD / DVD Drivers Download

Added firmware BS14 1. The file has NOT been tested yet. The last day Pioneer patched firmware 2. New Plextor firmware 1. The following problems are fixed: Added a patched firmware 2.

For owner of the drive matshota newer firmware like 1. If not bought a 6X drive and save money. All these nice stuffs are available at Fekete’s page.

I am actually writting a big article about DVD recording. DVD manufacturers look like to have bad luck with the locked drives, lots of them come back from unhappy customers. Drives manufactured before february have 1.

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