Normally windows wants to handle its size, but we all know, that windows is not very clever in doing so. The logical directory structure is not affected by this program. Some TSRs do not work correctly when loaded to upper memory, resulting in crashs or erratic system behavior. The memory above 1MB can be configured in three different ways. This reduces the amount of space wasted by each of the files on the disk.

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But a higher number would also work, of course. But there was still lots of software to run on MS-DOS and people wanted to use those old software packages. May 3, at 9: SYS maxes out at 64 MB.

– Wikipedia

How much game or other application testing is done for new versions of Windows nowadays? But you should not expect any speed increase wonders. If you are using Windows95 you will have noticed that you can start a DOS shell from the desktop. Because of the smaller clustersize used by FAT32, there is no longer the same need for harddisk partitioning in order of reducing the amount of wasted disk space.


In this context the term “extended memory” may refer to either the whole of the extended memory or only the portion available through this API. So I guess they faced this impossible task in a very pragmatic way.

Extended xms Memory (DOS Prompt Memory) – TechRepublic

May 3, at 4: INI file in the Windows directory: Coders know that text mode starts fos B Perhaps you have had or still have those problems.

The game had a helper library that provided a C interface to the ugly assembly-language-based XMS interface. Thereafter you can edit the line in one of these two files where the problem occurred.

DAT files looks like the following. If x,s of the entries above are not listed in your msdos. This multi purpose programs handles two things. Well, the trouble was not the XMS memory size.

So delete them Keep your Hard Disk tidy! Another way is to use a utility that changes the start up files such that the amount of free conventional memory is maximal e. Note that you can not load Himem or Emm “high” as these two programs provide the option to load other programs high.

But it is far from being cool. The issue is that EMM Some graphic cards I have seen also use bb7ff, so this very last optimization might m work for you. Generally memory managers must be loaded first.


Configuring your MS-DOS properly

Okay, so the game tries to allocate its 32nd handle, and the call fails. However if you have to use EMS you can modify your config. The shell option load an alternative command processor 4dos in this case.

So, you need to find something that will work. The amount of wasted space is among other things dependent on the size of the disk, as the waste is bigger on large disks, because DOS has to use larger dso allocation units on large disks than on small disks. I think the best would now be to explain those terms now.

States in which directory Stacker is installed. If so, then it services the request. Rather, the calculation goes like this:

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